Description: White powder

Chemical Name: SODIUM Tripolyphosphate:

Chemical Formula: NPSP3010:

Molocular Weight: 367.864g/mol

Sr. No. Characteristic Specification
1 Total alkalinity as Na2Co3 % 99 Min
2 Chloride as NaCl % 0.70 Max
3 Matter inso luble in water % 0.40 Max
4 Sulphate as Na2So4 % 0.05 Max
5 Iron as Na2sO4 % 0.003 Max
6 Bulk Density gpl 600 to 700


50kg pp BAG WITH INNER 20 Tons/ 20FT Container 1000KG.1250KG BAGES Also Avaliable


Soda Ash is one of the most important basic industrial chemical and most widely used fixed alkali for the manufacture of the other . Alkali Products. It is used in manufacturing of Detergents. Sodium sukicates, Bicarbonates, bichromates, Pulp & Paper, cellulose, and rayon, iron and steel, aluminum, cleaning compounds, water softening chemicals, textiles and dyestuffs, drugs and many other materials.