Description: Soda Ash is a white uniform Product, free from dirt and other foreign matter.

Chemical Name: Sodium Carbonate Dense

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3

Molecular weight: 106

Sr. No. Characteristic Specification
1 Total alkalinities as Na2CO3 % 99 Min
2 Chloride as NaCl % 0.70 Max
3 Matter insoluble in water % 0.01 Max
4 Sulphates as Na2SO4 % 0.01 Max
5 Iron as Fe203 % 0.003 Max
6 Bulk Density g/ml 0.85 Max
7 Volatile matter % 0.08 Max
8 Particle size: (180um sieve residue): minimum % 70 Max


50 KG HDPE bag with inner liner. 1000KG and 1250kg bags are also available.


Soda Ash dense is one of the most important basic industrial chemicals and finds uses in glass, silicate, ultramarine, bichromates and other industries.